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Unrealized Potential and Conflict? 10 Benefits of Bridge Builders

Bridge builders close gaps between people and purpose. Bridge Builders listen to the perspectives of others, instead of fearing their knowledge, experiences and convictions. With vision, respect and wisdom they connect: Front lines and executives Teams across silos Customers and the organizations that serve them Individuals Communities Nations As a result, productive conversations across races, […]

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How to Get Noticed as a Leader– Before You’ve Led a Team

Last week “John” shared his “No Diaper Genie!” frustration in the middle of our high-potential leadership development program. Yeah, I get that I’m here… and the company is investing in me and all that. But my boss keeps saying, “You’re not ready to be promoted, you’ve never led a team. I can’t recommend you for […]

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The #1 Goal-Killer for Women Entrepreneurs

If you were to ask me: “What’s the best part of working in the women’s entrepreneurial space?” I’d instantly know the answer: I get to call some of the coolest experts and innovators on the planet my friends… and have some powerful geniuses on speed dial. One such friend on the speed-dial list? Money Mindset […]

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Help! Should You Stick It Out or Move On?

It’s a question countless small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in organizations large and small have struggled with at one time or another: Stick it out or move on? What if you give up right before you would have been a wild success? Then again, what if you stick it out indefinitely and nothing much […]

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How to Plan for Q3 — Brilliantly

Pinch me — is it Q3 already?! It feels like just last week I was dorkily dishing on my favorite ways to plan for Q2 — and now we’re more than halfway through the year, and it’s time to get yourself set up for another incredible quarter. I have to admit: It’s been such an […]

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Free to Speak: Are your words building or dividing?

This week, I’m sharing more of our experiences and encouraging each of you to apply some of those learning’s to your lives and leadership. Have you ever pondered the reasons or benefits of free speech? In nations? Or workplaces? Obviously speaking freely is not allowed in many nations or workplaces. That choice: Lowers leadership accountability and potential. Impacts the […]

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