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What If… The Solution Your Organization Is Seeking Begins By Taking The Air Out Of Your Tires?

Several years ago I heard a great analogy about a truck that was driving on a narrow mountain road and got stuck trying to enter a tunnel. The truck could not move forward or backward. Experts tried for hours to figure out what to do. Finally a small child asked, “Why don’t you take the air out of the tires?” That simple solution worked.

In our current economy, we are all aware of organizations that are like that truck. They were moving down the road and got stuck. Now they can’t figure out how to get out of their present situation to meet their objectives.

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Have You Shared Your Vision With Your Team?

I was a new middle manager on my first trip across the country to the Corporate Office and was seated in the Executive Boardroom for a meeting. As we were preparing to take a short break, the CEO leaned across the table and asked me, “Chery, have you shared your vision with your team?” I gulped and immediately thought, “Oh no! I’m supposed to have one of those?”

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We are stronger, wiser & more beautiful together

Like a bunch of flowers, we were each unique and beautiful on our own, but together we made the most stunning human bouquet. When you weave the knowledge and strengths of individuals together you will create a more engaged, more creative, more effective whole and amplify the potential your organization.

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Leading From Who YOU Are

Instantly inspired I shared it with friends. Their responses made me think about how often we put limits on ourselves based on our history, the title we have, the mistakes we’ve made, or our present circumstances. They also highlighted the need that each of us has to be reminded that we don’t have be a public figure to make a difference. Seemingly ordinary people in ordinary positions are impacting our world right now.

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Becoming a Character Based Leader

Character Based Leadership is the conscious choice to be an Ambassador – To place the greater good, the purpose of the organization and the needs of others about your own desires. It starts with a decision to lead with integrity, the understanding that everything you do is observed and evaluated by others as either authentic […]

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