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21 Reasons that it might be time for YOU to Take Action

Have you ever: Participated in conversations about the behavior of certain titled leaders? Expressed frustration at situations that seem corrupt, not in line with core values or unfair? Wondered why opportunities to problem solve and improve the future were not taken? Have you ever spoken these words, “Why doesn’t “someone” do something?”   When the change you […]

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Would you employ, elect or reelect someone like this?

I walked around the corner and into the office. The moment I saw her, I knew I was going to employ her. A high performing employee had referred her.   She was professionally attired, already chatting with others on the team, and I knew that she had an impressive resume. In spite of everything that looked […]

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Uncommon and EXTRAordinary Agents of CHANGE

Prior to moving to the foreign land I now live in, I read about expat wives. I read about their maids and their drivers. I read about how they filled their time with shopping and the spa and expensive vacations. I read about women that became alcoholics or drug addicts from boredom. Wow what a […]

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