Heading into the Unknown? Get REAL

Guest post by John Knights:

How many of those in leadership roles we encounter slot into this description of Rational, Ego based, As usual Leaders.  You’ve probably come across them.  All they use are sticks and carrots as motivational tools and wonder why people won’t go that extra mile.  They’re more concerned about how things will look to others when they make decisions which they do to make themselves look good, or for power, prestige, recognition or reward.  They aren’t thinking about others, they’re thinking about their bonus, or promotion, or trip on the company jet, or even faults they can point out in others to make themselves look better.  What they are not thinking about is their team members, or the customer or any other stakeholder for that matter.

I suspect, if you have been keeping up with the way the world seems to be going, what you are really looking for is a leader you can look up to, one who you trust and because of that, one you will follow.  Leaders like this can be Radical, they are Ethical and Authentic Leaders.  They do not fret about their own importance because to be able to operate this way they understand their own egos, and for the purposes of good leadership they operate beyond their ego.  There’s a word for this, it’s called Transpersonal – beyond the ego.

But you see, that’s the challenge – how do you get from that ego based leader to be transpersonal?  In my experience, this is a journey that many people are willing, indeed aspire to make.  However, many people find in challenging to know where to start, especially in practical terms.  To do that you need to consider what a leader actually does.  Stripped back to the bare bones, the role of the leader is threefold:

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