Archive | December, 2017

Now Is the Perfect Time to Break Down Your Boxes

This week I’m doing what most people dread – moving. It’s not that making a move is bad; it’s exciting. The crappy parts are packing up your current house, sorting through the years worth of things that should have been tossed long ago, and creating a sense of normalcy in your new space.   We’ve been […]

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Would you employ, elect or reelect someone like this?

I walked around the corner and into the office. The moment I saw her, I knew I was going to employ her. A high performing employee had referred her.   She was professionally attired, already chatting with others on the team, and I knew that she had an impressive resume. In spite of everything that looked […]

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Dear Natalie: How do you get comfortable being on camera?

Sweaty palms.Shaking hands.Stuttering.Struggling through awkward silences.Oh god am I gonna throw up!? Nope, that’s not a list of the worst things you can think on a first date. Instead, they’re symptoms I experienced the first time I (very awkwardly) had to stand in front of the camera, and make a video. Clients and students ask […]

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