5 Ways the word “ALL” is being leveraged to drive your behavior

The word ALL

When was the last time you were in a conversation, and heard someone use the world “ALL” to describe the beliefs or behavior of an entire group of humans?

How many articles have filled your screens in the last week that emphasized all the reasons you should mistrust, disregard, or fear an entire group of people?

I’m deeply troubled about the volume of educated, intelligent, caring people that are having these conversations and sharing these articles and this is why…

Throughout history the word “ALL has been leveraged to:

  1. Box and dehumanize entire groups of people
  2. Fuel fear, judgment and anger
  3. Shut down critical thinking
  4. Increase distrust
  5. Intensify division

Today it is often being leveraged to convince you that “ALL“:How the word ALL Manipulates

  • ___  Executives are unwilling to receive feedback
  • ___  Frontline employees are unwilling and unable to solve problems
  • ___  Police Officers are unethical
  • ___  Government offices are inefficient
  • ___  Politicians are crooked
  • ___  Home-schooled children are anti-social
  • ___  Poor people are lazy
  • ___  Wealthy people are selfish and greedy
  • ___  Brown men are bad fathers
  • ___  White men are racist
  • ___  Saudi men are unwilling to support the dreams of their wives and daughters
  • ___  Christians are hateful
  • ___  Muslims are terrorists
  • ___  Conservatives are racist
  • ___  Liberals want to destroy your nation
  • __________________________(Fill in the blank.)

words can be as explosive as grenadesWhat a list of word grenades

So why do we rage against being thrown into one of those boxes and labeled, and tossed aside?

And then judge ourselves by our intentions while failing to consider the intentions of others?

Instead of just reading history, what if we LEARNED from it?

Propaganda has been used to impact thinking in every corner of the world, through all times.  Chains, paint, nakedness, skin color, smaller eyes, yellow stars, tattoos, head scarves, jewelry, the color of someone’s passport – have all been leveraged to convince people  that “everyone who looks human is not human.”

You don’t have to blindly accept everything and you don’t have to be manipulated by the “Box of ALL”.

Alarms should go off in every cell of your body when you hear that word in a conversation and see that word in print.

When those alarms are triggered:  Listen, research, and think.  Then challenge the narrative and help others see people instead of boxes.

Conversation Safari Workshops are designed to:

Help people challenge the narrative and while helping organizations engage people and grow.

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