10 Reasons Strategic Fairness is Worth Your Effort

Fairness is hard work

We’ve all been there…

When our boss hires a friend:

  • Then the friend leverages that relationship to charm their way out of responsibility and accountability.

When laws are created for the good of all:

  • But certain groups are consistently exempt from the law.

When an executive relocates:

Inconsistency is unfair and confusing.  It creates stress, erodes trust, increases frustration, wears people out, decreases ownership and limits potential.

On the flip side of that, fairness:

  1. Helps people feel heard, seen and considered
  2. Tears down walls of self-protection
  3. Encourages conversations
  4. Increases understanding
  5. Builds trust
  6. Fuels collaboration
  7. Unleashes energy and engagement
  8. Creates positive change
  9. Builds momentum
  10. Maximizes results

A leader I’ve admired for many years received this feedback when he decided to run for a public office, “I have known him a long time and have done business with him on several occasions. I have to say he always treated me fair. I did not always get my way, but he always, treated me fair. …That’s just the way he is and how he does business, fair & square.”

Yet so many leaders fail to cultivate fairness in their organizations.

Patrick Lencioni points out one very important reason why titled leaders often avoid simple but effective solutions:

..Simple solutions usually require discipline and hard work over time, while the sophisticated ones seem like shiny silver bullets, capable of making a problem go away in one innovative shot.

It requires focus, effort, consistency, and humility.

But the impact is worth the effort.

Have you ever made a strategic effort to be consistent, fair and explainable?

If not – why not make it your goal for the New Year?  (2018 will be very different from 2017 if you do!)

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