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3 Things to Remember When Pride Calls Your Name

Every human on the planet will be tempted by pride. Behind that little word is a fire that has the power to destroy potential, character, callings, and lives. Below are three critical things to remember, when pride woos you: Your calling can become your idol if you let it You were born with unique gifts […]

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Dear Natalie: How Do You Deal With Overwhelm?

Emails piling up. Back-to-back calls that barely leave you time for a cup of soup. Clients making “small requests” that require huge effort on your end. Team members missing deadlines, or needing piles of feedback, outlines, and notes. Loved ones asking for your time and attention when you’ve barely had a moment to shower, let […]

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10 Reasons Strategic Fairness is Worth Your Effort

We’ve all been there… When our boss hires a friend: Then the friend leverages that relationship to charm their way out of responsibility and accountability. When laws are created for the good of all: But certain groups are consistently exempt from the law. When an executive relocates: Inconsistency is unfair and confusing.  It creates stress, erodes trust, […]

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