Unrealized Potential and Conflict? 10 Benefits of Bridge Builders

Bridge connecting people

Bridge Builders listen to the perspectives of others, instead of fearing their knowledge, experiences and convictions.

With vision, respect and wisdom they connect:

  • Front lines and executives
  • Teams across silos
  • Customers and the organizations that serve them
  • Individuals
  • Communities
  • Nations

As a result, productive conversations across races, religions, and even cultural and political differences are possible.

Bridge Builders:

  1. See people not labels
  2. Step into the tension between what is, and what could be
  3. Explore instead of interrogating
  4. Listen to what is NOT being said, as much as what IS being said
  5. Recognize pain points
  6. Teach truth seeking and critical thinking
  7. Increase compassion and understanding
  8. Emphasize common ground
  9. Encourage collaboration
  10. Facilitate problem solving

When a bridge is built:

  • People collaborate instead of blocking progress
  • Solutions are found
  • Healing begins
  • Hope is restored
  • Growth happens
  • Synergy is unleashed
  • More bridges are constructed

Our families, workplaces and world need more bridge builders.

If you’d like to make a greater difference, follow the links below to learn more about building bridges with those around you:

Please share:  How has a bridge builder helped you to consider another perspective?  How has that new perspective changed your thinking, your behavior, or your results?

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