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Plan Every Day in Advance

What a fantastic guest blogger I have today. Brian Tracy has been a huge influence to so many people in achieving personal and business goals. His 3rd edition (out this week) of Eat That Frog is just one part of that mold. Here’s a great book that’s going to help you to stop that procrastinating. […]

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4 Years in Saudi Arabia: Living, Learning and Growing

Since our return home from Saudi Arabia, (A place I once feared and had zero desire to move to.)  I have been facilitating a series of workshops for students – sharing what day-to-day life was like while emphasizing critical life, leadership and people skills that they will need throughout their lives. In each workshop students […]

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In a divided world: We have more than two choices

Have you ever had a small child run to you in fear?  (Of the boogeyman under the bed, the barking dog, or the crack of thunder?) How do you respond? Do you ignore them?  Do you dismiss them?  Do you call them boogey-phobic, dog-phobic, or noise-phobic?  Do you make fun of them?  Or do you shine a […]

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