What’s Driving Your Social Media Strategy?

The comedian Chris Rock once said, “You only live once so sure, spend 15 hours a day online desperately seeking the validation of strangers.” The funny thing is that’s what I’m seeing so many people do online today as they promote their businesses through social media.

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I want to talk with you about what’s really driving your social media strategy — your goals or your ego?

Check it out:

Recap time: In short,  it really doesn’t matter how much time and money you’re spending on social media – if you’re not operating with a solid strategy in place, you’re really just trying to win an online popularity contest and that’s not going to translate into new customers for your business.

Your actionable this week is to review your social media efforts and make sure you have plenty of calls to action in place for your fans to join your mailing list and visit your website. That way you can be sure to reach them any time you have something fabulous to share! (Without having to pay a cent for Facebook to “boost” your post!)

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In the comments section below, I’d like for you to outline one key strategy that you’ve used to build your business through social media. And if you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to share it with YOUR followers. Here’s to spreading the social love!

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