This Is Why Your Business Is Not Making Money

In today’s episode, I’m taking a question from one of our Facebook fans, Rosie-Leigh. She writes, “Natalie I’ve been working on my business full time for a year and I’m so passionate about what I do. I work so hard but I feel like I’m not really going anywhere and I’m barely making enough to cover the bills. Please help me turn this business into a money-making machine!”

Does this sound familiar? I hear this a lot from women who are frustrated by how their business isn’t growing the way they want. And when I dig deeper, I usually find some common issues at play that are holding them back from achieving the success they deserve. It might not be easy to hear, but in today’s episode I’ve got some tough love for Rosie-Leigh and anyone else out there who feels their business isn’t earning enough money. Ready to find out what’s really going on?

Check it out:

For Rosie-Leigh or anyone in her situation, when you’re trying to figure out why your business isn’t making more money, there are five key takeaways that can help you make more money doing what you love:

1) You need to have products and packages that are clearly defined on your website. This helps people understand how they can work with you!

2) Consistency and keeping in touch with your audience regularly is really important.

3) Understand your audience so you can target them with products and services they actually need.

4) Do the homework so you know what your services are really worth; more than likely, you are selling yourself (and your business) short.

5) Don’t give too much away for free!

I know our community is filled with brilliant entrepreneurs who can share some more tips and insights for growing revenue too, so I’d love to hear your advice in a comment below.

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