Creating Your Body of Work: An Interview With Pamela Slim

As I sat with Pam Slim to start a one-on-one session around the exercises in her new book, Body of Work, I felt a big question was coming and I was right.

“If you picture yourself on the last day of your time on this planet, what do you want to know you contributed, created, and birthed in your lifetime?”

Yup, big question.

See, your own body of work is about so much more than just the here and now. It’s about the bigger picture of your business and career, the purpose and people you serve, and what you want to leave behind when you’re gone. Knowing the answer to these big questions can help you find the common thread that ties everything you do together, even if you have multiple interests and passion projects always on the go. (Like me!)

In my interview with Pam Slim about Body of Work, we talk about:

- How to identify the roots and ingredients that make up your body of work
– Whether you should be a business owner, or whether an employee “work mode” would better suit your body of work
– What success means when looked at in the scope of your body of work
– Pam’s relationship to fear, and how fear creeps into building your body of work
– Pam and I are keeping it real when it comes to the behind-the-scenes of creating a full-color body of work

We have an actionable for you to complete this week: Ask yourself “What are the three tangible things I want to create in 2014?” Let us know what you want to create, and the actions you’re going to take to bring your creations to the world.

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