Archive | November, 2012

Making the Invisible, Visible For Our Children

How do we make the invisible, visible for our children?  The next in our Saturday Series in developing leadership in kids.  On Monday we return to our regular leadership fare. A Guest Post from Sonia Di Maulo, Canada Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. ― Jonathan Swift  Samuel picks up […]

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Everyone Picks Up Trash

Walt Disney once said about cast members (employees), “We train them to be aware that they’re there mainly to help the guest.” Helping the guests (visitors) means not only personal deeds, but also keeping the parks clean. And when Walt said “them”, he meant everyone. No one in your organization is exempt from guest support […]

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Want a Good Idea?

I’ve  been a big fan of creativity for a long time. Why? Because creativity is critical for us to achieve success. Think about it this way – we can’t reach new places without trying new things, or putting things together in new ways. More than a fan, I’ve been a student of the creative process for many years as […]

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