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Teach Customer Service First

First off, this isn’t a young folks bashing post. But it is a lack of thought training bash. We’ve all been there. We walk into a store with questions or to the check-out and see young workers. Do I stop that clerk or go to that register – or do I go to the more […]

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How to Measure the Impact of Your High Potential Strategy

So you’ve gone through a rigorous process to locate those “high potentials” – that critical talent pool that has demonstrated the ability to step into your organization’s most critical roles when the time comes. Now you’re doing what the most successful company’s do, you’re investing in the development of those high potentials. You’ve got managed […]

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Twin Lessons From Your July 4th Barbecue

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and in the United States that means fireworks, parades, and lots more. But most of all it seems to mean backyard barbecues – and more food than we need. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2012 Independence Day survey conducted by BIGinsight, 67.6 percent of Americans will […]

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