Can’t Get Enough Leadership: Book Notes & Coaching Tips

With so much structural change happening within the world economy, people recognize that we need leaders more than ever before. Developing commitment in a world of “free agents” and “volunteer” talent is not an easy assignment.. and.. will require effective leadership skills. Leadership is basically an interactive conversation that pulls people toward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment.

From 1975 to 1995, according to the Library of Congress, books on leadership appeared at a rate of about 24 a year. In the past 15-20 years, that output has more than doubled. That’s a new book on leadership every week, or enough over the decade to wall paper every classroom at Harvard Business School. We’ve been graced with leadership lessons from everone from Jesus to George W. Bush to Geronimo to Colin Powell.

Over the last few years,  The Leadership Blog has been given many new leadership books to review and a number of leadership book authors have agreed to publish their reasons for writing a book on this blog. Recently, I have republished these book reviews and guest author postings in a new ebook, “Cant Get Enough Leadership: Book Notes & Coaching Tips,” divided into the following categories:

Self-Knowledge, Accidental Leaders, Leadership Principles, Leadership Brand, Success and Failure, Interpersonal Relationships, Creativity, Work Life, Knowledge Workers, Leadership Transitions and Leadership Coaching Tips.

Since leadership development is self-development, this new book provides leadership skill-building coaches tips along with comprehensive reading sources for people interested in becoming more effective leaders. Should you be one of these people, I would be interested to read your thoughts about this book of short and to-the-point leadership boor reviews by commenting.

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