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Remarkable TV: On the Art of Asking

A conversation obviously requires two participants, but there are a few tips that you can employ to improve your chances of having a better, more effective and more interesting conversation. Check them out in today’s video! Tweet it out: If you want to master the art of conversation, start with the art of questions. @KevinEikenberry […]

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Chasing Relevance

So this may be one of the most important business books of the year – Chasing Relevance: 6 Steps to Understand, Engage, and Maximize Next-Generation Leaders in the Workplace, by Dan Negroni. Today we live in a world of multi-generational workforces. As Dan says, by 2025 the number of millennials in the workforce will grow […]

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Ty Cobb: A Terrible Beauty

By Charles Leerhsen This is the latest, and I believe most accurate and complete (more on that in a minute) biography of one of the greatest baseball players ever to live. To give you some context, here is a paragraph from the Amazon.com description of the book: Ty Cobb is baseball royalty, maybe even the […]

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Three (Not So) Surprising Lessons of Leadership

Guest post from Joel Peterson: For the past decade, I’ve been privileged to teach a leadership course at Stanford with Professor Charles O’Reilly. The amazing array of leaders who’ve visited our classroom has included Greg Boyle (the Jesuit priest who founded Home Boy Industries) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft’s former long-time CEO); star athletes like NFL […]

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A Guide for New Leaders with Bill Gentry – #10

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Bill Gentry, author, and a teacher and researcher at the Center for Creative Leadership. In addition to his new book, Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work for: A Guide for New Leaders, he has over 40 published articles concerning leadership and has given many presentations on the practical […]

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The BFF Test: How To Write Copy That Actually Sounds Like YOU

This episode is part 2 in a 3-part series on communications that I developed with my good friend Nikki Elledge Brown. Nikki’s known online as The Communication Stylist® and creator of A Course About Copy® and she’s on a mission to help entrepreneurs communicate with more clarity and confidence. To catch part 1, click here.  Before we launch […]

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