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Change Agents Take Heart…the Era of the Mindful Leader is Here

For years practitioners in the development field have fought for a transformation in the mindset of business leadership. Agents of change have known that when the challenges they faced were technical in nature solutions were possible. However, when the problems they were charged with solving were leader induced or at least affected by leadership behavior […]

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Avoid Excuses for Keeping Underperformers

Last summer my son and his wife took on a major addition/renovation project at their home in Portland. I had observed the progress of the project from afar here in Anacortes, getting weekly progress reports, photos and so forth as events unfolded. The project was pretty large, involving the entire second floor of their home. They […]

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Are You Allowed to Say the U Word? I’m Unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled.  Unhappy.  Unsure.  In a world where we’re all supposed to have postcard perfect lives, speaking many words that start with “U” have become the new “F” word.  Equally taboo in some circles, “U” and “F,” yet one is so much more vulnerable.  Maybe that’s why most people I know would rather shout f*ck from […]

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Chaos or Vision: YOU Choose!

As expats we live in a secure compound with high walls, inside those walls we have grass, trees, flowers, beauty and order. Many local families live in their own high walled “compounds” with their extended families.  And although I have never been behind those walls I have heard of their gardens. Outside of all of […]

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The Idea-Driven Organization

Finally!  Someone wrote a great book about what I’m always talking about.  Alan Robinson and Dean Schroeder’s new book, The Idea-Driven Organization should be read by all managers, executives and business owners. The authors start out stating that, “Most managers have difficulty believing that there is enough value in employee ideas to justify the effort […]

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Want Someone to Change? You Go First.

Does this sound familiar?  You really want someone to make a change in their life or leadership and you see the need for change so clearly, it’s killing you that they are not changing a thing.  You take their change on as your personal mission and encourage them to change, tell them what they need […]

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