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Your People are the Hard, not the Soft Side, of Change

Guest post from CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke: If you want your organization to successfully embrace your strategic change, focus on the human aspect. That’s right. People will be the ones implementing the change. So, get them involved, listen to them, and work together. If you do, you’ll build tremendous loyalty, trust, and engagement, which […]

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The Power of Vulnerability with Jeff Manchester

The height of your team’s performance is directly related to the depth of connection among its members. Jeff Manchester, co-author of THE POWER OF VULNERABILITY: How to Create a Team of Leaders by Shifting INward, discusses vulnerability in the workplace. To see greater results, we need to develop a culture that builds in confidentiality. In […]

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What Will You Learn Today?

If you have kids or if you were ever a kid (and I’m guessing you can answer at least one of these affirmatively??), you have asked or been asked this question before: What did you learn today? And while this is a very valid question, as you’ll notice in the title of this blog post, […]

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Self-Feedback: The Art of Giving Feedback to Ourselves

Feedback. When we think about that word, we think about giving it to someone or receiving it from someone. We don’t think about self-feedback – giving feedback to ourselves. Perhaps that will change for you after reading this article. Self-Feedback requires no one but yourself. It is not meant to replace feedback you receive (and […]

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The Regenerative Business with Carol Sanford

Managing people is complex, amazing and messy. Carol Sanford challenges they way we think about leadership and best practices. She is the author of several books, including her latest, The Regenerative Business, which shifts our way of working so that we see innovation, financial gain, and customer loyalty while building human capacity. She tasks leaders […]

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